1:31 Achy Breaky Heart

Callie left. She took Zander with her. She hasn’t asked for a divorce which is good. She just says that she wants to think about everything then decide what she wants to do.

Izaiah was left to care for three kids by himself. He was managing the best that he was able, but he would be the first to admit that it was not easy.

Emma and Hope both missed their mother. It tore Izaiah up to see his girls always looking so sad.

Zaiden missed Callie and Zander. The boys had grown close and now that they were separated, it was hard for them both.

Callie had promised to let Zander spend the weekends. It would give him time with his brother and sisters.

Zaiden was spending most of his time in his bedroom. One of the cats was usually in there with him. The girls’ cat really seemed to enjoy hanging out in Zaiden’s bedroom with him.

Hope has been spending most of her time on the balcony. She seemed to occupy her time with the toddler tunnel that the boys never showed any interest in. It was about time someone used the damn thing.

All of this seemed to hit Emma the hardest. She wandered around the loft crying and sad all of the time. Being older than Hope, she had more memories of her mother so was taking losing her harder than the toddler was.

Thankfully, Zaiden was willing to talk to Emma and support her. He was even able to get a few goofy moments out of her which was great. It showed that the silly little girl that Izaiah loved and missed was still around somewhere. He just hoped that she would be back soon.

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