1:29 Firework

03-06-18_5-24-45 PM

Their parents had invited over a few friends to celebrate Zander’s birthday. Zaiden was happy to see his brothers/cousins again. He still missed living with them.

03-06-18_5-27-24 PM

He spent most of his time hanging out with them and playing basketball. They talked about Aunt Diana, Aunt Paisley and their other brothers.

03-06-18_5-28-20 PM

He didn’t even mind when Zander came over to talk with them. His little brother was a little weird, but wasn’t everybody in their own way? As long as he didn’t embarrass him by talking about his imaginary friends, he could hang out with them.

03-06-18_8-27-57 PM

“Zander, Zaiden, you two really should include all of your friends.  Anne has been playing by herself since she got here.”

“But she’s a girl. Girls are icky.”

“Zaiden, you have been playing with Liberty and she is also a girl.”

“Liberty is different. She doesn’t act like a girl.”

“And she didn’t break my game pad like Anne did.”

They didn’t realize that Anne was outside the room listening to what they were saying.

03-06-18_5-22-20 PM

Izaiah was checking the mail when Liberty’s father arrived to pick her up. He thanked the girl for coming and told her bye.

He didn’t expect the man who showed up next.

03-06-18_5-41-02 PM

“I know your secret.”

4 thoughts on “1:29 Firework

    1. No. He just showed up at the right time. I already had it planned for Izaiah’s big secret to start coming out in the next chapter. This one has nothing to do with Colleen or his family. It is all him.

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