1:28 Don’t Worry, Be Happy

03-05-18_8-48-23 PM

Callie still wasn’t talking to Izaiah. He had explained why he had the diaries published and she completely understood. The problem was that he did not think of the consequences beforehand.

Since Colleen’s diaries had been published, there had been several threats a day made. They had to change their cell phone numbers and hire a guard to be with them at all times. Zaiden could not even go to school without trouble.

She really wished he would have thought before he had sent them to the publisher.

03-05-18_8-49-12 PM

Callie didn’t have time to deal with another argument with Izaiah about that though. It was Zander’s birthday and she had promised him a cake. He would be going to kindergarten and she was terrified to send him. She wasn’t going to think about that though. She was going to focus on her son and the cake she promised to make for him.

03-05-18_8-49-29 PM

She got the things she needed from the fridge and shooed the cat off the counter. “Damn cat is always where she shouldn’t be.”

03-05-18_8-49-52 PM

“I’ll put her outside for now.”

Callie shook her head. “It does no good. She won’t stay out there. You know that. Zander will just let her back inside to play with him.”

03-05-18_8-52-07 PM

Callie finished the cake and put it on the counter. Zaiden got home just in time to have some cake with the rest of them.

“How was school today? Did you learn anything new?”

03-05-18_8-53-41 PM

Callie put the candles on the cake as they talked.

“I learned that two plus two equals 4.”

She looked at him and frowned. She knew that he had learned that several years earlier. “They are still talking, aren’t they?”

He nodded. “I know what Dad did what he did, but I wish he hadn’t. They are saying some really mean things about my mom. It’s really hard not to beat the snot out of all of them.”

“It will calm down. Just give it time. They will forget all about it as soon as something else grabs their attention.”

03-05-18_8-56-10 PM

Catastrophy jumped up on the counter and sniffed the cake. Thankfully she didn’t lick it. That would have really pissed Callie off.

03-05-18_8-57-11 PM

Catastrophy deciding to lick herself on the counter beside the cake did the trick though. Callie yelled at her to get down, but like any cat, she was ignored.

03-05-18_8-57-55 PM

Callie smiled when she saw Izaiah carrying Zander over to blow out the candles.

“Don’t forget to make a wish.”

Zander closed his eyes and whispered, “I wish to be like my brother.”

He blew out all of the candles then squirmed until he was put down on the floor.

03-05-18_9-03-55 PM

Callie looked at her son and sighed before she looked away. Her baby was growing up before her eyes.

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