1:27 A Different Man

03-04-18_10-25-49 AM

Izaiah watched his boys playing and knew he had to do something to make sure their futures were taken care of. They deserved that.

Izaiah watched Zaiden at the monkey bars. The boy was growing so fast. He wished that Colleen was there to see how great of a boy had. The few hours she got with him before they had been separated was very unfair to them both.

02-20-18_4-33-33 PM

He remembered the day that the boy had been upset about the things some kid at school had said about his mother. Even though they had talked about Colleen since, he knew that Zaiden didn’t understand what had happened to his mother. That gave him an idea. It was one that could possible insure the boys would be taken care of.

03-04-18_10-29-42 AM

He headed inside to see if he could find what he needed to make his idea a reality. Before he made it far, he was stopped.

03-04-18_10-34-03 AM

Catastrophy’s food dish was empty and she was not at all pleased about it. He filled her dish before heading upstairs to his bedroom. He was hoping that Callie would be out for awhile. He knew that she would attempt to talk him out of what he was about to do, and she would have valid reasons. His reasons for doing it was just as valid though.

03-04-18_3-03-48 PM

On his way to the bedroom he tried to remember where he had stored them. He knew it was somewhere that the kids would not find them on accident. It was also somewhere that Callie did not know about. Him having them upset her a bit, but she understood why he kept them. At some point in the distant future, they would be given to Zaiden so he could understand what had happened with his mother.

03-04-18_3-04-09 PM

Izaiah found the diaries and sat them on the desk. There were more than he remembered there being. He had only looked through a few of the pages before though. He had never gone through them completely. This would be the first time he would see some of the things written in the diaries.

He took some time to look through them and read them. He could not stop the smile from spreading across his face as he read the dreams of a young girl getting her first diary and how awkward writing in it the first few times were.

03-04-18_10-14-44 PM

He could picture Colleen as a little girl writing in her diary for the first time. Those were the days when she still had hope for happiness.

03-04-18_10-40-51 PM

He could also picture her a few years later when that hope was gone. That was when her writing started to be more about what her parents were forcing from her instead of the dreams she had for herself.

03-04-18_3-05-54 PM

Izaiah knew that some people would say that he should never publish her diaries. After reading them, he knew that he had to. If they could help even just one other girl who was going through what Colleen had gone through, then it would be worth it.

03-04-18_3-11-37 PM

He did also know that many people were going to be upset with them being published. There were names written in them of people who had not yet been dealt with. He did make sure to copy everything to give to his lawyer as well as the police so they would have the list of names.

03-04-18_3-15-07 PM

He sent the final copy of the diaries to the publisher. He knew that he was going to cause a big stir among a lot of influential people, but he also knew that it was worth it. In a way, it was getting justice for what these people had done to Colleen and most likely to other young girls.There would be no more hiding it.

7 thoughts on “1:27 A Different Man

  1. Wow, he opened a can of worms, as my Godmother says. He better be prepared to protect his family. I can’t blame hin for wanting revenge. Him and his family should not be the only ones suffering especially since, he did nothing wrong.

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