Casting Call!!

There are some big things planned for the second generation. There are a few specific sims that I am asking for this time since I already have a full world.

1. Doctor: Can be male or female. YA or older.
2. Nurse: Once again can be male or female. YA or older.
3. Bad guy: I need someone who is really bad but looks like the boy next door. He needs to be either Adult or Elder.
4. Mrs. Robinson Type woman: This is a female of either Young Adult or Adult age. She MUST be a single woman with no children. Pets are okay but no more than 2 for her.

The doctor, nurse, and bad guy can come with families if you wish.

I have ALL packs so feel free to use what you wish. I also accept CC if you leave links. Please no skin or eyes though since I do use default replacements for those already. If you don’t want to leave links, I will do my best to find something I already have that is similar in style to what you have.

I am setting a deadline of March 10 for this. Traits and such do not matter for this so use whatever. Just please use the hashtag #WeOwnTonight so I can find them easily in the gallery.

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