1:26 Changes

Izaiah knew he had to figure out something. He had a family to take care of. He couldn’t set on his ass and not work. That wasn’t who he was.

He was waiting on the insurance to send Colleen’s money. He was also talking to a lawyer about suing the city for Colleen’s death. That could take awhile though. He didn’t have the time to wait.

He had his trust fund from his grandparents, but that would not last forever. He had hoped to save it for the kids when they were ready to go to college and for their weddings.

02-25-18_5-16-59 PM

Instead of heading home, he decided to pay his old boss a visit. Since he had a clean record with the force, maybe they would take him back. He sure hoped they would.

02-25-18_4-28-31 PM

He looked through the glass on the front of the building and saw Toni setting at the front desk. He groaned when he saw her. They never had gotten along. They had been partners when they both first started. She seemed to feel that partners at work should carry over to their private lives as well. She didn’t take it well when he told her he was married and was not going to sleep with her.

02-25-18_4-30-45 PM

“Hello, Toni. Is Nathan in?”


When she just sat there with her eyes closed like she was meditating or something, he frowned a bit. “May I speak with him?”

“You may.”

Once again she just sat there with her eyes closed.

“Are you going to call back to his office to see if I can go back?”

This time she opened her eyes and glared at him.

“Fine. I guess I have to do all of the work around this damn place.” She picked up the phone while still muttering. “Answer phones, catch bad guys, deal with idiots who just walk in.” She talked on the phone for a moment before hanging it up. “He said you can go on back.”

“Thank you, Toni. By the way, it was almost nice to see you again.” Her glare back at him was enough to make him smile.

02-25-18_4-36-54 PM

Izaiah tapped on Nathan’s door then went in and sat down.

“Nice to see you again, Maynard. What can I do for you?”

“Well, I would like my old job back.”

He watched Nathan for any sort of reaction. Either the man had gotten harder to read in his old age, or he had gone deaf. He was about to ask again when Nathan finally replied.

“I’m sorry, Izaiah. I can’t take you back.”

“What? Why? I had a spotless record with the force.” He couldn’t believe he was being turned away.

“You did, yes. Your wife and father on the other hand. Their records tarnish yours. Because of them, I cannot take you back. It would not set well with the citizens.”

02-25-18_5-17-36 PM

He got up and left without saying a word. Even though Colleen had been cleared, what happened was still being held against him. His own father caused a lot of that and for that, he would never forgive him.

7 thoughts on “1:26 Changes

  1. Bravo! And when I thought it couldn’t get more depressing :(. Alas, I have faith that Izaiah will find a way to provide for his family! 🙂 Things get harder before things get better; that’s life. He can do it. I’m still sad about Colleen, but watching Zaiden grow up as been absolutely awesome. I bet he’s wise beyond his years, though he still hasn’t a clue about what his mother’d gone through. Looking forward to more!


    Liked by 1 person

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