1:25 Breaking News

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Izaiah stood on the balcony of Maynard Industries looking out of the city. The board members were on their way in for the emergency meeting that Collin had called. Izaiah already knew what the meeting was going to be about.

He refused to go inside until everybody was there. He knew what was going in inside and he didn’t feel like dealing with it. It was bad enough that he even had to be there.

02-24-18_3-27-51 PM

Nelson stood in front of Emma’s desk. “How are you feeling?”

“For the hundredth time today, I feel fine.”

“I’m sorry, my dear. This is my first time becoming a father. I’m a bit nervous.”

02-24-18_3-30-52 PM

“Oh, good grief, Nelson. Woman have been having babies since the beginning of time. Emma is fine. So is the kid.”

Collin glared at his son. “You are needed in the board room. The others will be here soon.”

02-24-18_3-31-24 PM

Nelson was not pleased with any of this. “I do not understand why I must be here. You have never let me attend any of the board meetings before.”

“You created this mess in the company, so you will be there when it is taken care of.”

He followed his father and the rest of the board members into the board room without another complaint.

02-24-18_12-58-08 PM

Diana had come out to the balcony to let Izaiah know that everybody was there and waiting for him.

“How is Zaiden?”

“He misses you and the others terribly.”

“We miss him too. We were thinking of a visit this weekend if that is alright with you.”

He nodded and followed her inside.

02-24-18_12-59-35 PM

Once everyone was settled at the table, Collin spoke up. “I know you are all wondering why Izaiah and I called this emergency meeting.”

There were a few murmurs before he went on. “With the current state of financial difficulties the company finds itself it, Izaiah and I have decided that it is best if we disband the company.”

02-24-18_1-07-06 PM

Nelson was shocked, but sad. He knew that this was his fault. The company had started facing hard times when his grandfather was arrested. He had made it even worse by taking money from the company to set aside for his child. He didn’t think he had been doing anything wrong. The company would have become his one day anyway.

02-24-18_1-13-38 PM

The more his father talked, the worse he felt. He hadn’t realized that the company would have to close because of what he was doing. Thousands of people were losing their jobs. The companies they had bought were to be closed also.

02-24-18_1-16-42 PM

Izaiah was not sure if this was a good or a bad thing. The company had gotten nothing but bad press in recent years thanks to his father. It was probably best to just start over. That was something Izaiah was used to.

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