1:23 Brahms Lullaby

Zaiden was getting used to being moved around. This was his fourth home since he was born. Fifth if you counted the few days he had originally spent with Izaiah before being adopted by Tabitha and Dennis.

He missed his brothers though. He couldn’t not remember a time when the twins weren’t with him. Until now. Now they were living with his aunt and they were his cousins instead of his brothers.

He had been told that they would visit him every weekend. He had already been here for what felt like forever and they hadn’t visited yet. He would have to ask his dad if they could go visit them instead.

02-18-18_12-16-24 PM

If it wasn’t for Zander, Zaiden would be a very lonely little boy. Thankfully his little brother was happy playing with him. They played a lot with the superhero hideout. Zander would sometimes play the bad guy who would try to eat the superhero. That always made Zaiden laugh.

02-18-18_12-18-13 PM

“Zander, quick, Dr. Proton is going to get away. We need your super teeth to stop him.”

Zander picked up the Dr. Proton figure and bit it’s leg.

“That’s it, Zander! Super Zander saves the day again!”

02-18-18_12-18-58 PM

Zander held the doll out to Zaiden. “Bite!”

Zaiden shook his head. “You have the super teeth. Not me. Biting the bad guys is your duty.

“Zaiden, please do not make your brother think that biting is a good thing.”

02-18-18_12-21-51 PM

Zander glared at his mom for ruining their play.

“Sorry, Mama Callie.”

Callie smiled at the boys. It was great seeing them playing and getting along so well together.

“Zaiden, you have a visitor.”

02-18-18_12-24-08 PM

Zaiden put the toys away and went to see who was there to see him. He saw Kimber walking down the hall and he smiled. He remembered her from the youth center. She was the one who would give him hugs.

02-18-18_12-24-23 PM

“Andy! I am happy to finally find you. I have been worried about you.”

Kimber gave the boy one of the hugs he had always liked.

02-18-18_12-25-02 PM

“I am fine. I am with my real dad again. And I have a little brother who looks like me.”

Kimber remembered how protective he had been of the the twins and wondered where they were. She was not going to ask though. She didn’t want to upset him if something had happened to them.

02-18-18_12-27-37 PM

“Zaiden, play?”

Zaiden looked at Zander. “I will when my friend leaves.”

Kimber looked at the toddler and smiled. “I will leave so you can have your brother back. You sure are a cutie. Maybe I’ll visit again and bring my little boy over to play.”

Callie told Kimber that would be wonderful and they arranged a play date for the boys as she walked Kimber out.

02-18-18_12-32-08 PM

Zaiden went back to Zander’s room so they could play. He found their dad checking out the dolls.

“This one has teeth marks on it.”

“That is Dr. Proton. He is the bad guy. Zander uses his super teeth to catch him.”

“Super teeth?” Izaiah shook his head and smiled. “You boys and your imaginations.”

Zaiden watched his dad walk out of the room as Zander came running in.

02-18-18_12-37-16 PM

The boys played until it was Zander’s bedtime. Zaiden went to his room and found his dad in there playing one of the video games.

“Dad, are you going to be playing long? I would like to go to bed.”

Izaiah turned off the game and smiled at his son. “Have you said goodnight to Zander and Callie?”

“No, but I will do that now.”

He left the room and found Callie on the balcony with Zander.  “Good night, Callie.”

02-18-18_12-37-53 PM

Zaiden gave his little brother a hug. “Good night, Zander. Thank you for playing with me today.”


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