1:22 Home To Stay

After talking to her brother at the wedding, Diana knew she needed to talk to Paisley next. She found her in the yard playing with the kids when she got home.

02-17-18_1-00-38 PM

“How was the wedding?”

“It was beautiful. Callie is a sweetheart. She’ll make him happy.” Diana kissed her wife’s cheek. “I need to talk to you about something. In our room where we won’t be interrupted.”

02-17-18_1-03-01 PM

Paisley was a bit worried. She knew the kids would be fine in the yard so she followed Diana inside. She sat beside her wife.

“What’s wrong?”

02-17-18_1-05-37 PM

“We can’t keep, Andy.”

Paisley looked at Diana confused. “What do you mean? We adopted him. He is our son.”

Diana knew that this wasn’t going to be easy. “We did and legally he is our son. He is also my brother’s son. Or, well, I think he is.”

Paisley was confused. “What are you talking about? Your brother’s name is not in Andy’s file.”

Diana nodded and got the file. She looked through it and pulled out a few papers. “This is his original birth certificate. It lists his name as Zaiden Andrew. His last name has been blacked out. It has the mother’s name blacked out. The father is listed as Unknown.”

“Right. So how do we know that your brother is Andy’s dad?”

“My father took the child that Izaiah’s wife had given birth to and gave him to the judge and her husband in return for the judge giving Colleen the death penalty.”

02-17-18_1-05-19 PM

Paisley nodded. “I know all of that.  How do we know it is Andy?”

“The name that Colleen gave her son before she died was Zaiden Andrew.”

It was starting to look like Diana may be right.

“What about the twins? They are listed as Andy’s brothers.”

“The judge had recently given birth before she was arrested. The twins are the judge’s kids. The judge that adopted Andy. So that made them legally brothers.”

Paisley knew that it was a big possibility. “What do you want to do?”

“Get a paternity test done on Andy to make sure. My brother has one that was done when his son was a newborn. If they match, then it is only right that Izaiah gets his son back.”

Paisley nodded. “Okay. What about the twins?”

“They stay with us. Andy will still get to see them. They would be cousins after all.”

Paisley stood up. “I’m going to go clean up from dinner.”

Diana let her go. She knew that was Paisley’s way of processing things. She cleaned when she had things she needed to think about.

02-17-18_1-25-24 PM

Diana went out to the living area and saw Andy watching something on tv with Dax. If the tests did show what she suspected they would, she was going to miss Andy. Only seeing him occasionally would not be the same as having him with her every day.

It took a few months but the paternity test showed exactly what they suspected. They went through the court to change custody of Zaiden to his father. The judge did order Izaiah to find a home that was large enough for the growing family. The two bedroom apartment they were living in would not work for the three of them, especially if they planned to have any more children.

They did find a much larger place in another area of the city. Both boys would have their own room instead of squeezing into the small room that Zander had been using in the old place.

02-17-18_3-57-27 PM

Callie checked on Zaiden and found him playing on the computer. “Do you have your homework done?”

Zaiden was only in kindergarten, but his teacher had sent home some reading for him to do and a worksheet that he did not get finished in class.

“Yes. Dad helped me with it.” He never took his eyes off the game he was playing.

“Bedtime in an hour.”


02-17-18_2-23-32 PM

Callie left the room to go check on Zander. She watched Izaiah playing with him and smiled.

“Talking to dolls now?”

“When my son asks me to, yes.”

02-17-18_2-35-24 PM

He stood up and smiled at his wife. “Is it bedtime for Zander already?”

“Bath time first, then bedtime.”

“I’ll give him his bath tonight. You did last night.”

Callie kissed her husband’s cheek. “Thank you. I told Zaiden that he still has an hour before bedtime. He is on the computer playing one of those Sims games.”

02-17-18_3-44-03 PM

“Sims. Who ever thought to make a game where you get to control the lives of virtual people? Crazy.”

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