1:18 Hold On

02-11-18_7-26-03 PM

Izaiah looked at the building through the gates. Was this really the place where they took Zaiden? This run down brick building with broken kids toys in the yard? He really hoped that Zaiden was there so he could get him out of this dump and home where he belonged.

02-11-18_8-03-22 PM

He talked to the woman who came outside for a few minutes. “I am looking for my son. I was told he was here. His name is Zaiden. He would be two years old now.”

The woman looked the man over. The boy did not look anything like this man. “There was a Zaiden here.”

“You said was? Is he not here any longer.”

The woman shook her head. “He was adopted this morning. He is with his new family now.”

Izaiah felt her words like a punch in the gut. He was a day too late. “Who adopted him?”

“I cannot tell you that. It was a private adoption.”

‘Lady, you don’t understand. My father had given him away after my wife died. He is all I have left of my wife. I need to find him.”

The woman looked like she couldn’t have cared less. She just turned and walked off into the yard.

“Please. I need to find my son. I need to find Zaiden.”

When he got no answer, he walked back home.

02-11-18_8-36-58 PM

He had been so close.

His friends found him once. They can find him again.

02-11-18_8-42-06 PM

Instead of going to his own apartment, he stopped at his family’s door. He wanted…no he needed to see his mother. He knew she would understand what he was going through and would listen without judging or telling him to give up. That was what he needed at the moment.

02-11-18_9-05-37 PM

The moment he saw his mother, he almost broke down in tears. He hadn’t noticed how much all of the stress of the past couple years had aged her.

02-11-18_9-11-38 PM

When she hugged him, it felt just like it had when he was a kid. He missed that more than he realized.

“It is nice to see you, Izaiah. I thought that you living across the hall, I would see more of you.”

“I’m sorry, Mama. I have been very busy.” He felt bad that he wasn’t spending more time with her. “I have been out every day trying to find Zaiden.”

“I have heard. Your brother told me. Have you had any luck yet?”

02-11-18_9-08-54 PM

He nodded and sighed at the same time. “I know where he was yesterday. I went to the youth center where he had been taken after the people dad gave him to were arrested.”

“Did you get to see him?”

He could hear the hope in his mother’s voice.

02-11-18_9-10-08 PM

He shook his head. “He was adopted this morning. He was already gone. The woman refused to tell me where he was.”

02-11-18_9-11-12 PM

His mother gave him a comforting hug. “I am sorry, dear.”

“Me too, Mama. I’m not giving up though.”

His mother smiled at him and nodded. “That’s my boy. I do have something for you. I found it in your father’s safe in the bedroom this morning. I think you need to have this.

Izaiah looked at the envelope his mother put in his hand. “What is this?”

“Something that will ensure that you are doing the right thing. I do not know exactly how your father did it, but I have my suspicions. I think I also know why.”

Now his interest was peaked. He opened the envelope and read the papers inside. He looked up at his mother in disbelief. “Are these for real? Dad had a paternity test done on Zaiden?”

“It seems so. Now you find my grandson and bring him home where he truly belongs.” She put her hand on her son’s arm. “But do not forget to take care of Callie and that baby also. Do not put all of your attention on Zaiden. Your fiance and child need you to be there for them too.”

He nodded and kissed his mother’s cheek. “Thank you, Mama. I will find Zaiden and take care of all three of them.”

He thought of Callie and their baby and smiled.

02-11-18_10-12-57 PM

He was happy to have found her and to have her in his life.

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