1:14 Children Will Listen

02-07-18_1-52-28 AM

After Tabitha and Dennis were arrested, Zaiden and the two babies were taken away. Since there was a shortage of foster homes, the three boys were taken to the local children’s home to wait until there was an opening in the foster system or someone adopted them.

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Even though he was only two years old, Zaiden knew that he had to take care of his little brothers, Tyrone and Nicholas. He was the big brother and their Mommy and Daddy would want him to take care of them until they got back and could take them home.

The problem was, every time Zaiden got close to his brothers, that lady would yell at him.

02-07-18_6-38-48 PM

He didn’t like that lady. She was always yelling at him. If he played with the other little girl his age, they got yelled out for playing too loud because it would wake the babies.

02-07-18_6-38-55 PM

If he didn’t eat all of the terrible food she gave them, he got yelled at for wasting food.

02-07-18_6-38-15 PM

If he was in the room when the older kids were doing their homework, he got yelled at for being a distraction.

02-07-18_6-39-22 PM

She yelled at him a lot. It made him miss his Mommy and Daddy even more. They yelled but not as much as she did.

He couldn’t wait until him and his brothers were able to go back home. He hoped it was soon.

02-07-18_6-41-26 PM

The only good thing at the children’s home was a girl named Kimber. She liked to give him hugs and play with him when she wasn’t doing her homework or her chores. He hoped that his mommy and daddy would take her home too when they came back.

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