1:13 Helpless Heart


Izaiah reread the article. He still couldn’t believe they had arrested his father. He looked at the list of names and knew exactly what had happened. They had all set up Colleen.

01-20-18_2-09-24 PM

She had told him that she had no choice and now he knew why. He hadn’t wanted to believe her that day though.

Colleen’s own parents were arrested also. He knew that her childhood had been a bad one, but he had never expected this. Her parents were the one thing that she would never talk to him about. Now he wished he would have forced her to talk to him about it. Maybe he could have protected her. Maybe she would still be alive.

He looked at the article beside it and could not stop himself from getting angry.


Her own father had let her die for a murder he had committed. It was probably a good thing they were all setting in jail cells. He was mad enough to kill them all himself. They had destroyed his life and all he had dreamed of. They had killed an innocent woman. He really hoped they could find a judge that was not involved in this mess and that all of them paid in the same manner that his poor Colleen had. Including his father. Especially his father.

He threw the newspaper across the room. He heard the knock  on his bedroom door. He knew it was Callie just checking on him. “I’m fine, Callie. I just need some time alone.”

He heard her mumble something about going out for awhile and texting her if he needed anything and she would come straight home. He really did feel bad at the moment. She had turned into a really good friend. A friend with amazing benefits.02-05-18_11-16-47 PM

He logged onto the computer to send an email to his brother, but the first thing he saw was more news reports about the bust and about Colleen. He turned off the computer. He would wait until his brother was home and just talk to him face to face.

02-05-18_11-18-10 PM

He walked over to the bed and came face to face with the only picture he had of him and Colleen. It was a blurry picture that she had taken when he got her a new phone. It was while they were still on their honeymoon.

He needed out of that room for a bit. Since Callie had gone out, he had the entire apartment to himself.

02-05-18_11-20-48 PM

He sat down at the piano and started to play the first song that came to his mind. It was one of Colleen’s favorites, but it fit his mood at the moment also. It made him think of his wife and the good times they had together. It also made him think of the end and losing her.

I’m sitting here inside this stranger’s place and time is racing by
I’ve been way out here for a month or more tonight I’m wonderin’ why

01-15-18_11-12-57 PM

You try to understand the things that I feel
Maybe this time I’ll find away to explain it

01-16-18_10-41-59 AM

‘Cause there is a dream deep inside my head
And it may seem like it’s breaking the thread that holds me to you
Still you have never wanted to change me

01-19-18_10-26-56 AM

But darling I know though we’re far apart the signal is strong
This helpless heart will always belong to you, to you

01-16-18_12-14-20 AM

This power takes me from the place I belong
To where only the strong get through

01-18-18_12-43-40 PM

You’ve got to keep on believing or you’ll lose your way
‘Cause it slips right out of view
Though there are days the light can flicker and fade
Here in this place tonight a fire is burning

01-18-18_12-41-06 PM

‘Cause there is a dream deep inside my head
And it may seem like it’s breaking the thread that holds me to you

01-20-18_4-37-12 PM

Still you have never wanted to change me
But believe me I know though we’re far apart the signal is strong
This helpless heart will always belong to you

01-16-18_1-52-16 AM

This helpless heart will always belong to you
Will always belong to you, to you, only to you, to you

01-20-18_4-43-32 PM

He abruptly stopped playing piano. That last image that had flashed through his head had been unexpected.

“I have to find him.” He knew that the boy may not be his, but he was Colleen’s and that was enough for him to love the boy. “I will find him.”

2 thoughts on “1:13 Helpless Heart

    1. If he does find Zaiden, the question will be if they can have a good relationship. Can Isaiah see past the fact that Zaiden may not be his? Can Zaiden get past the time he spent with Tabitha and Dennis?

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