1:12 Can’t Help Falling in Love

POV Izaiah

02-04-18_10-29-52 PM

Callie Becerra

As sweet as she is beautiful.

We met at the gym after I had yet another bad day set up by my brother, Collin. I was not looking for anybody.

02-04-18_10-29-00 PM

Then this beautiful creature hopped onto the treadmill next to mine. I must admit that I did stumble a time or two because I was watching her and not concentrating on what I was doing.

We spent hours on the treadmill talking. It felt like I had known her forever. It felt like I wanted to know her much better.

02-05-18_10-27-38 AM

Once they started locking the doors to the gym and kicked us both out for the night, we headed to my place. It would give us more time to talk.

I found out that her boyfriend had recently dumped her and she had nowhere to live. I told her that I had a spare room and had been considering finding a roommate. She was welcome to the room if she wanted it.

POV Nobody

02-05-18_10-35-03 AM

In the few months since Callie had moved in, her and Izaiah got to know each other better. She had learned that Izaiah was really good on the piano. He learned that she really loved to bake.

02-05-18_11-10-22 AM

When she found out that Izaiah’s 21st birthday was coming up, she invited a couple friends over to taste test cakes. He had done so much for her by giving her a place to live, that she wanted to return the favor with a surprise birthday party and an amazing cake.

She had fun planning his party. The only problem she had run into was the guest list. She didn’t know many of Izaiah’s friends.

02-05-18_10-42-07 AM

She did know that his family lived across the hall though. She had met them a few times. She heard someone in the hall outside the apartment and was happy to see that it was Izaiah’s sister in law, Shawna.

“Hello, Mrs. Maynard. I am happy to run into you today.”

“Hello, Callie.” She looked over the young girl’s track clothes and knew she would never be caught dead in something like that. “What can I do for you.”

“I know that Izaiah’s birthday is in a few days. I wanted to invite you and the rest of the family to his surprise party.”

“I have a prior commitment, but I will pass the invitation to the rest of the family. Please, in the future, try to give more notice than just a few days. Some people lead busy social lives.”

Callie watched as she rushed into her own apartment.

The night of the party had arrived.

02-05-18_11-26-06 AM02-05-18_11-26-16 AM

Izaiah sure was surprised when he got home from work. Not only had Callie baked him a cake and planned a party, she also made his favorite meal. Another big surprise was his brother and his father being at the party.

02-05-18_11-29-40 AM02-05-18_11-29-24 AM

Once the guests had left, Izaiah helped Callie clean up. He followed her to the hallway when she took the garbage to the chute.

02-05-18_11-31-03 AM

“I want to thank you for tonight. It really was fun and it meant a lot to me.”

He pulled her in for a big hug to thank her.

02-05-18_11-32-51 AM

“You are very welcome. It was the least that I could do for all that you have done for me. I do have a gift for you. It is not much, but I did want to give you something.”

02-05-18_11-33-12 AM02-05-18_11-33-18 AM

He was very surprised then laughed.

“I’ve never had a girl give me a rose before. Now I see why girls like to get flowers.”

He took her hands in his and smiled at her.

02-05-18_11-33-42 AM

“I am glad that I went to the gym that night that I met you. Having you here has been wonderful.”

Before he knew what he was doing or could stop himself, he leaned toward her.

02-05-18_11-34-44 AM

He quickly pulled back and looked at her.

“I’m sorry. It’s probably too…”

Before he was able to finish the sentence she pulled him close again.

02-05-18_11-35-33 AM

Once she pulled back, she took his hand in hers and pulled him toward the apartment.

“Do not say a word. Just follow.”

He knew at that point that he would follow her anywhere. Especially once he realized where he was following her to.

02-05-18_11-38-48 AM

2 thoughts on “1:12 Can’t Help Falling in Love

  1. Well, that was interesting…His sited in law is a bitch. But now I am worried that since they know he has a new love interest that his father will start to use her too.

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