1:7 Survive You


He remembered that day. He had thought he had the perfect life. An amazing wife, a loving marriage, a baby on the way, and a wonderful job. It all came crashing down around him in one day. That day he found out that his wife was a prostitute and murderer, his marriage was over, the child he was so excited for was most likely not his, and his police career was over. 

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The day Zaiden was born, was a hard day for Izaiah. This could have been the son that he had hoped and dreamed of. Because of what Colleen did, he knew that he could never love this child. A child that would always bring reminders of Colleen. A child of a whore.

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Giving the boy up for adoption was the best thing for them both. Zaiden could have a life far from the disgrace brought upon them both by Colleen, and Izaiah could try to move on with his life.


(Ignore the date on the obituary. I forgot to change it from the default in the generator.)

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Colleen was buried privately on the property she shared with Izaiah. He hoped that the new couple moving into the house would take care of her grave. He just couldn’t handle staying in the house with all of the memories it contained.

01-20-18_10-03-32 PM

Izaiah looked at the last load of stuff to move to his new apartment in San Myshino. He was leaving behind a few things of Colleen’s. Mainly just a few books and some of her clothes. He left a note for the new home owners to donate them if they wanted.

01-20-18_10-04-12 PM

Izaiah left the house for the last time. He was grateful to his father for taking care of everything for him. He took care of the sale of the house as well as the adoption of Zaiden. He had also arranged for Izaiah to move into the apartment across the hall from the family. Izaiah knew that it was so they could have him close again. At one time, he would have hated that. Now he was grateful to have them.

His brother also took him back into the family company. He had the office beside Collins and was working as the Vice President of the company that his brother ran. It was not the life he had planned for himself, but it was a life he would try to be happy with.

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