1:6 Girl I’m Gonna Miss You

01-20-18_12-07-40 PM

Today was the day. It was the day that she would get to tell the truth about what happened the night that woman had been killed. She would tell them that yes the two of them had argued, but it was because the woman had verbally attacked her first. She had defended herself, but there was no physical altercation between the two of them. It was only verbal. She didn’t know who had killed the woman, but it was not her.

She cleaned up in the sink knowing she only had a few minutes left before she had to go into the courtroom and face the judge. She was nervous. She had a new lawyer that she hadn’t met yet. The one that Izaiah had gotten for her had quit the day before, but said that she would fill in the new lawyer on the case. She had liked that lawyer. She hoped the new one was just as good or better.

She heard the door open to her cell and took a deep breath. It was time.

OH, FUCK! She was screwed. She knew that as soon as she walked into the court room. 

01-20-18_1-52-46 PM

Izaiah was standing in the front of the room near the judge. She remembered him telling her that he would be there. Him being a cop allowed him to stand in the front of the court room and act as a guard for the judge. She wasn’t sure why the judge would need a guard, but she didn’t fight it. It was minor compared to the rest of what was going on.

She wanted to hug Izaiah, but she knew she wasn’t allowed to. She would get her chance when this trial was over and she was free to go home with her husband.

01-20-18_1-54-54 PM

She looked over at the prosecutor’s table and saw two faces that she didn’t expect to see. Her father-in-law was setting at the prosecutor’s table. Was he going to tell the court about her?

She looked over at the prosecutor and things got even worse. He was the man that her father-in-law had brought with him to the house. The rough man in the shirt.

01-20-18_1-58-59 PM

She walked over to the defense table and felt her stomach drop. She wanted to throw up when she saw who her lawyer was. That was when she knew. She knew that her father-in-law had done this. He had set her up and ensured that she would pay for trying to get away from him.

01-20-18_2-01-30 PM

“You can’t be my lawyer.” Colleen turned to the judge. “I want a new lawyer. This man…”

“Set down, Mrs Maynard. We do not have time for your dramatics, nor do we have time to assign a new lawyer to this case. We have wasted enough time and need to get this taken care of before that baby you are carrying is born.”

Colleen put her hand on her stomach and went to her seat. She knew this was not going to end well. She just had that feeling.

The trial lasted the entire morning. When they returned from lunch, the judge turned to Colleen.

“Mrs. Maynard, you claim that your argument with the victim was due to her calling you a whore, correct?” She waited for Colleen’s response before continuing. “You also claim that you are happily married, correct?” She once again waiting for a response. “During lunch, I received some information that sheds some doubt on that claim, Mrs. Maynard.”

The judge held up a large stack of photos that showed Colleen with some of the men that were sent to her home. Of course the ones currently in the courtroom was not in that stack. 

“These pictures tell a different story, as well as gives you a motive to kill Miss Voo.”

01-20-18_2-05-18 PM

Colleen looked at her husband and shook her head. She wasn’t trying to deny it, but she hoped that he would at least let her explain. 01-20-18_2-07-02 PM

She looked down at the table and heard her lawyer quietly whisper so only she could hear him. “You were warned. You should have listened.”

The judge called a recess to make her decision. Colleen used the time to try to talk to Izaiah and explain things to him.

01-20-18_2-10-20 PM

“Izaiah, baby, please, let me explain.” When he didn’t respond to her, she went on. “I had no choice, Izaiah.”

“What do you mean, you had no choice? Did all those men rape you?”

01-20-18_2-09-57 PM

She shook her head and looked over to the table where his father was setting. She saw the look he was giving her and knew that she couldn’t tell Izaiah that it was his father who had sent the men to her. That she was being blackmailed by him. It would crush Izaiah to know his father had destroyed them like that.

“No. I was… I was not raped by them. But I was not willing either.”

01-20-18_2-10-24 PM

“That makes no fucking sense, Colleen. You weren’t raped, but you weren’t willing. Explain to me how that happens.”

She shook her head. “I can’t.”

“You can, but you won’t.”

01-20-18_2-10-06 PM

He was right. She won’t. She won’t destroy him with the truth. She loved him too much to do that.

“I’m sorry, Izaiah. I’m sorry.”

01-20-18_2-09-31 PM

“Me too, Colleen. 

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