1:1 Once Upon a Time


NSFW WARNING: This chapter contains references to murder, violence, and sex. There is no cleaned up version, so if this kind of thing is not your cup of tea, now is your time to stop reading.


Ayaka Mori: Housewife by day. One of his girls by night.

It was too bad that she had decided to leave him. She said that her family needed her to be at home. She also said that her husband would be furious if he ever found out. What she did not know was that nobody left him. At least nobody left alive.

01-16-18_9-56-53 PM

He put the newspaper article in the album beside Ayaka’s picture. He remembered the day that picture had been taken. He had been visiting her home for a barbecue with her family. His own family was there with him. It had been a nice day. It was only a week before Ayaka tried to leave him. A week before he had to take care of Ayaka.

01-16-18_9-56-01 PM

He also remembered that beautiful daughter of hers. Myla…Myra…something like that. He knew that it was just a matter of time before she took her mother’s place. He knew that with the financial troubles the family was having thanks to that useless idiot Ayaka had been foolish enough to marry, the daughter would come to him for help…just like her mother had. In the end, they all come to him.

01-16-18_12-15-15 AM

Izaiah had been enjoying his first night home after his honeymoon when the call came in about the body found in Newcrest. He looked at his wife sleeping peacefully as he slipped out of bed. He quietly got dressed and headed out.

01-16-18_12-16-50 AM

Colleen had heard her husband leave. She new that “He” was listening to the scanner and would know that she was alone. She also knew that meant it was time for her to get ready for work also.

01-16-18_10-20-33 AM

It was shortly after she finished eating breakfast when the knock on the door came. She had been expecting it. What she had not been expecting was who it was at the door.


“Yes, Colleen, it’s me. And now that I know your dirty little secret, you can bet that you better do as I say or Izaiah will find out.”

She knew that she had no choice. This was the one man that would love to see her destroyed, even at the cost of Izaiah’s own happiness. She led him into the house even though she really wanted to tell him to go back to his own wife and family in his fancy city apartment and leave her and Izaiah alone.

“Would you like to some coffee? It is still hot.”

“You know I am not here for the coffee. I am here for exactly what all the other men that you traipse through here are for.”

She nodded and looked down at the floor. She was used to this kind of treatment. She had grown up in this life. This has been her life since she turned 16 years old and “He” first found her.

She led him to the living room. She never took any of the men to the bedroom. That her private place with Izaiah. If the men came to the house, they had to make due with any surface downstairs.

“Stop stalling. I am not paying good money just to watch you stand there.”

She looked at him and saw that he was already setting naked on her sofa. She undressed and walked over to him. She stopped in front of him and gave a startled yell when he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap.

“Show me that you are the slut that I always believed you to be.”

None of the men had ever embarrassed her as much as this one did. She knew that it wasn’t the things he said, but it was who he was. She also knew that she had no choice. If “He” found out that she refused, she would pay dearly for it. This man could also destroy her. If he told Izaiah, it would destroy everything she had ever dreamed of.

4 thoughts on “1:1 Once Upon a Time

  1. I’ve just found your blog. Intriguing start. I love all things NSFW, but will have to read on my iPad since I don’t want dearest daughter walking in on me 😀

    Will be back for more.

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