1:9 Have You Seen Her

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Luke was spending another evening on the corner passing out the fliers with his daughter’s picture on it. He was asking everybody he saw to take a flier and call him if they saw Kyla. He had gotten a few calls, but none of them panned out. The Newcrest Police department says she probably just ran away and they won’t do anything since she is legal age. He shouldn’t be surprised they wouldn’t do anything. They never did find the person who killed Ayaka. First his wife is murdered. Then his daughter goes missing. Nobody seemed to care except him.

He thought about his daughter and the last time he had seen her.

01-27-18_10-42-09 AM

They had been talking in the kitchen while he cooked dinner. He had made macaroni and cheese. It was one of Kyla’s favorites so he made it a lot.

01-27-18_10-40-25 AM

She told him she was going for a walk while dinner was cooking. He knew she was going out to look for gemstones. She had been collecting them since she was a kid. He gave her a hug and watched her walk out the door. If he had known that it was the last time he was going to see her, he would have held her longer. He would have held her forever.

01-27-18_2-59-08 PM

He watched Shanaya with the new girl. He knew that bringing her in was going to be great for business. After losing Ayaka, Deja, and Colleen, he needed some new blood. Well, this new girl wasn’t exactly new blood. It was someone he had been watching for awhile now. He knew that virgin pussy was going to bring him big bucks from the first man to fuck it.

01-27-18_2-56-54 PM

Watching Shanaya teach her the pleasures her young body could bring made him horny as hell. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to just stand there and watch.

01-27-18_2-21-34 PM

It was time to see if this girl knew what to do with her mouth. He had been dreaming of having those lips of hers around his cock for the past few years. He had to wait until she was of age though. And since today was her birthday, she was now old enough for everything he had planned for her.

“Shanaya, you have work to do with the other girls downstairs. Get going. Lock the door on your way out.”

He waited until they were alone in the room, then grabbed Kyla and pushed her face down on the bed. He knew that her pussy was the money maker so he wasn’t going to touch it…yet. There were other ways to get his pleasure from her.

01-27-18_2-01-48 PM

1:8 Me and the Moon

01-21-18_10-01-17 PM

If you ask Izaiah he would tell you that the nights are the worst. He goes home from work to a lonely apartment.

01-21-18_11-06-31 PM

He has his family across the hall, but that is not the same. He should have his wife and their son, but we all know how that ended.

01-21-18_10-09-36 PM

He would lay in bed thinking about Colleen. He knew that he should hate her after what she did, but he couldn’t. They had been friends since they met on the playground when they were kids. They dated through high school and married shortly after graduation. 

It had been the two of them for as long as he could remember. And now she was just a memory in a blurry picture on the wall over his lonely bed.

01-21-18_10-08-03 PM

Izaiah made the call to his therapist. It had become a daily call. They didn’t help much though, but it did make him feel a little less alone.

He went through the motions of living his life. He knew that if he didn’t, his mother would be on his case about taking care of himself.

01-21-18_10-56-10 PM

The majority of his time at home was spent just staring out of the window and watching the people down below live their life as if everything was normal.

01-21-18_10-57-59 PM

For Izaiah, nothing was normal. He had to learn to live life all over again. He had to learn to live life without Colleen.

01-21-18_11-10-48 PM

He did try to get out of the apartment as often as he could. He hoped that being around people would help him get through the depression he was drowning in.

01-21-18_11-13-47 PM

The problem was that the damn prosecutor seemed to be following him everywhere he went. That just brought back memories of the trial. Those memories just made him angry. Once the anger had passed, he was back to being depressed.

01-21-18_11-18-24 PM

It didn’t help that everywhere he went, it felt like Colleen was right there with him.

1:7 Survive You


He remembered that day. He had thought he had the perfect life. An amazing wife, a loving marriage, a baby on the way, and a wonderful job. It all came crashing down around him in one day. That day he found out that his wife was a prostitute and murderer, his marriage was over, the child he was so excited for was most likely not his, and his police career was over. 

01-20-18_4-40-23 PM

The day Zaiden was born, was a hard day for Izaiah. This could have been the son that he had hoped and dreamed of. Because of what Colleen did, he knew that he could never love this child. A child that would always bring reminders of Colleen. A child of a whore.

01-20-18_10-58-16 PM

Giving the boy up for adoption was the best thing for them both. Zaiden could have a life far from the disgrace brought upon them both by Colleen, and Izaiah could try to move on with his life.


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Colleen was buried privately on the property she shared with Izaiah. He hoped that the new couple moving into the house would take care of her grave. He just couldn’t handle staying in the house with all of the memories it contained.

01-20-18_10-03-32 PM

Izaiah looked at the last load of stuff to move to his new apartment in San Myshino. He was leaving behind a few things of Colleen’s. Mainly just a few books and some of her clothes. He left a note for the new home owners to donate them if they wanted.

01-20-18_10-04-12 PM

Izaiah left the house for the last time. He was grateful to his father for taking care of everything for him. He took care of the sale of the house as well as the adoption of Zaiden. He had also arranged for Izaiah to move into the apartment across the hall from the family. Izaiah knew that it was so they could have him close again. At one time, he would have hated that. Now he was grateful to have them.

His brother also took him back into the family company. He had the office beside Collins and was working as the Vice President of the company that his brother ran. It was not the life he had planned for himself, but it was a life he would try to be happy with.

1:6 Girl I’m Gonna Miss You

01-20-18_12-07-40 PM

Today was the day. It was the day that she would get to tell the truth about what happened the night that woman had been killed. She would tell them that yes the two of them had argued, but it was because the woman had verbally attacked her first. She had defended herself, but there was no physical altercation between the two of them. It was only verbal. She didn’t know who had killed the woman, but it was not her.

She cleaned up in the sink knowing she only had a few minutes left before she had to go into the courtroom and face the judge. She was nervous. She had a new lawyer that she hadn’t met yet. The one that Izaiah had gotten for her had quit the day before, but said that she would fill in the new lawyer on the case. She had liked that lawyer. She hoped the new one was just as good or better.

She heard the door open to her cell and took a deep breath. It was time.

OH, FUCK! She was screwed. She knew that as soon as she walked into the court room. 

01-20-18_1-52-46 PM

Izaiah was standing in the front of the room near the judge. She remembered him telling her that he would be there. Him being a cop allowed him to stand in the front of the court room and act as a guard for the judge. She wasn’t sure why the judge would need a guard, but she didn’t fight it. It was minor compared to the rest of what was going on.

She wanted to hug Izaiah, but she knew she wasn’t allowed to. She would get her chance when this trial was over and she was free to go home with her husband.

01-20-18_1-54-54 PM

She looked over at the prosecutor’s table and saw two faces that she didn’t expect to see. Her father-in-law was setting at the prosecutor’s table. Was he going to tell the court about her?

She looked over at the prosecutor and things got even worse. He was the man that her father-in-law had brought with him to the house. The rough man in the shirt.

01-20-18_1-58-59 PM

She walked over to the defense table and felt her stomach drop. She wanted to throw up when she saw who her lawyer was. That was when she knew. She knew that her father-in-law had done this. He had set her up and ensured that she would pay for trying to get away from him.

01-20-18_2-01-30 PM

“You can’t be my lawyer.” Colleen turned to the judge. “I want a new lawyer. This man…”

“Set down, Mrs Maynard. We do not have time for your dramatics, nor do we have time to assign a new lawyer to this case. We have wasted enough time and need to get this taken care of before that baby you are carrying is born.”

Colleen put her hand on her stomach and went to her seat. She knew this was not going to end well. She just had that feeling.

The trial lasted the entire morning. When they returned from lunch, the judge turned to Colleen.

“Mrs. Maynard, you claim that your argument with the victim was due to her calling you a whore, correct?” She waited for Colleen’s response before continuing. “You also claim that you are happily married, correct?” She once again waiting for a response. “During lunch, I received some information that sheds some doubt on that claim, Mrs. Maynard.”

The judge held up a large stack of photos that showed Colleen with some of the men that were sent to her home. Of course the ones currently in the courtroom was not in that stack. 

“These pictures tell a different story, as well as gives you a motive to kill Miss Voo.”

01-20-18_2-05-18 PM

Colleen looked at her husband and shook her head. She wasn’t trying to deny it, but she hoped that he would at least let her explain. 01-20-18_2-07-02 PM

She looked down at the table and heard her lawyer quietly whisper so only she could hear him. “You were warned. You should have listened.”

The judge called a recess to make her decision. Colleen used the time to try to talk to Izaiah and explain things to him.

01-20-18_2-10-20 PM

“Izaiah, baby, please, let me explain.” When he didn’t respond to her, she went on. “I had no choice, Izaiah.”

“What do you mean, you had no choice? Did all those men rape you?”

01-20-18_2-09-57 PM

She shook her head and looked over to the table where his father was setting. She saw the look he was giving her and knew that she couldn’t tell Izaiah that it was his father who had sent the men to her. That she was being blackmailed by him. It would crush Izaiah to know his father had destroyed them like that.

“No. I was… I was not raped by them. But I was not willing either.”

01-20-18_2-10-24 PM

“That makes no fucking sense, Colleen. You weren’t raped, but you weren’t willing. Explain to me how that happens.”

She shook her head. “I can’t.”

“You can, but you won’t.”

01-20-18_2-10-06 PM

He was right. She won’t. She won’t destroy him with the truth. She loved him too much to do that.

“I’m sorry, Izaiah. I’m sorry.”

01-20-18_2-09-31 PM

“Me too, Colleen. 

1:5 Look At Me

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Look at me
If you can
I’m just trying to figure out
Exactly who I am

01-19-18_12-21-31 AM

Look at me
Once again
Do you still feel the same
Like you did way back then?

01-19-18_10-06-43 AM

Look at me
I say I’ve grown
I tell myself that it’s my choice
I wanna be alone

01-19-18_12-22-33 AM

Look at me
That’s a lie
Who’ll be standing next to me
On the day I die?

01-19-18_11-19-39 AM

I’m too far from home
Everyone I know is gone
When will I realize

01-19-18_11-29-49 AM

I’m not the man that you think I am
I’m like a loaded gun
And I’m always on the run

01-16-18_10-47-37 AM

I’m not the man that you thought I was
I’m ruined from the past
What makes you think we’ll last

01-19-18_10-55-33 AM

I’m not the man that you need
Look at me
And you’ll see

01-19-18_10-27-38 AM

Look at me
From afar
Do you see a burning blaze
Or a fading star

01-19-18_12-26-04 AM

Look at me
Don’t close your eyes
Imagine life without me
And no more compromise

01-19-18_11-20-20 AM

Look at me
I’m full of scars
Do you see all the hope
That fades into the dark?

01-18-18_12-10-22 PM

Look at me
One last time
I should have skipped hello
And went straight to good bye

01-19-18_10-07-17 AM

I’m too far from home
Everyone I know is gone
Why did I believe

01-19-18_12-39-18 PM

I’m not the man that you think I am
I’m like a loaded gun
And I’m always on the run

01-19-18_12-23-52 AM

I’m not the man that you thought I was
I’m ruined from the past
What makes you think we’ll last

01-16-18_10-49-21 AM

I’m not the man that you need
Look at me
And you’ll see

01-19-18_12-23-42 AM


1:4 Ring of Fire

01-16-18_10-44-58 AM

Colleen looked at herself in the mirror as she drank the glass of water. She knew she had to tell Izaiah. It wasn’t something she could keep hidden much longer. She knew that he would be home from work any time and she would tell him then.

01-16-18_10-48-30 AM

She met him outside and kissed his cheek. “I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant.”

She watched as his face changed from normal to surprise, then to happiness.

“We’re having a baby? You are sure?”

She nodded. “I’m sure. I’m definitely pregnant.” 

She wished she could be as happy about it as he was. She knew he had always wanted a large family. They had talked about it many times. Until this baby was born and she could secretly have a paternity test done, she couldn’t be happy. 

“I have dinner cooking. If you want to go change, it should be ready soon.”

Izaiah smiled and nodded at his wife. “How about if you also change? We can have a romantic dinner at home tonight.”

She liked that idea. They didn’t get to spend evenings together as often as they used to because of his job. 

01-18-18_11-58-13 AM

While she was getting ready she got a phone call telling her to be at Chez Llama in two hours. She hung up the phone and sighed as she headed down the stairs to the dinner that she had been looking forward to before that call.

01-16-18_11-38-58 AM

Colleen looked at the man she was there to meet. She hated him more than she had ever hated anybody in her entire life. She felt her fists ball up at her sides and she took a deep breath to try to calm down.

“Good evening, my dear, Colleen.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I’m done. I can’t do this anymore.”

01-16-18_11-40-25 AM

“You are done, when I am finished with you and not until then.”

“I am pregnant and cannot do this any longer. It is putting the baby at risk.”

01-16-18_11-38-46 AM

“I do not care about that spawn of yours. There’s a better chance of it not being your loving husband’s child than it being his.”

01-16-18_11-41-29 AM

“And whose fault is that? You are the one blackmailing me into doing this.”

“And you will continue to do it until I say you are finished. If you don’t, you know the consequences. Do you think that the police chief will keep an officer on the force whose wife is a known prostitute? You quit, and your husband will be begging for change on the street corner by morning.”

She knew she was stuck. Using Izaiah would get her every time. She knew how much he loved his job and she wasn’t going to be the one to ruin it for him.

Colleen laid in bed watching Izaiah sleep. The alarm would be going off in a few minutes so he could get ready for work. A job he loved. A job that she could ruin if anybody found out what she truly was.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

She had been so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t heard the alarm or seen that he was awake. “I’ll get your breakfast started while you get dressed.”

01-18-18_12-10-22 PM

Izaiah jumped out of bed and stopped her from going down the stairs. “I still can’t believe we have a little version of us growing in there.” He put his hands on her stomach and smiled. “I hope it is a little boy to take after his father.”

She had almost been able to pretend to be happy about this baby until he said that. The fact that the baby most likely was not his destroyed whatever happiness she had. She knew that she should tell him, but she didn’t know to without telling him everything. That everything would destroy them.

“I’ll get your breakfast.” This time she managed to walk away before he could stop her again. She was getting good at learning to hide her tears when all she wanted to do was curl up and cry.

01-16-18_12-26-34 AM

She let him do what he paid to do. She made all the noises of fake pleasure that he expected to hear. Apparently it worked since he said that he would definitely be seeing her again. That made her want to throw up even more than the baby moving inside her did.

She wasted no time getting dressed and going for a walk at the docks once the slob had left.

01-18-18_1-36-06 PM

She didn’t expect the verbal attack launched at her when she came out of one of the bathrooms.

“Whore. That’s what you look like. A whore. There’s only one type of woman who would dress like that and walk at the docks. A whore looking to pick up the sailors. Go back to the gutter where you belong, whore.”

01-18-18_1-37-27 PM

She may have to take that from “Him” and that other asshole, but she would be damned if she was going to take it from a complete stranger.

“You do not know me enough to make that statement. For your information, I am a happily married woman just out for a walk. In case you didn’t notice, you are also alone and walking the docks. Does that make you a whore also?”



1:3 All I Ask of You

01-16-18_1-16-44 AM

It was the morning again. The morning that Colleen was dreading. She knew that as soon as Izaiah left for work, he would be there to let her know what it was he wanted from her.

“Do you have plans for today?”

Izaiah’s voice snapped her out of her still sleepy daze and forced her focus on him. “I will probably just stay around the house today. If Mindy or one of the other girls call, I may go have lunch with them. Otherwise there are no plans.”

She watched him stand up and get dressed in his regular street clothes. “Do you work today?”

He nodded as he pulled on his shoes. “I do, but I have an appointment with my brother before work. Just some papers that need signed for the company.”

She remembered him mentioning it a few nights earlier. Something about him signing the papers that would legally cut him out of the company. Apparently just his word didn’t mean anything to his family.

She walked downstairs with him to the kitchen. “Do you want me to fix you something to eat before you go?”

He shook his head. “I’m just going to fix a quick salad to take with me for my lunch break. I am hoping to be home on time tonight.”

She nodded as she watched him. “I will have dinner waiting for you when you get home. Is there anything special you would like?”

“I am sure anything you fix will be great.”

She was trying to find excuses to keep him from leaving, but was out of reasons to make him stay. She was going to have to face the inevitable soon enough.

01-16-18_1-22-46 AMIt was only an hour later that she was face to face with him again. She had hated this man the first time she met him, and she hated him even more now.

“Let’s set down, my dear Colleen. There will be one other person joining us. He is on his way.”

01-16-18_1-23-01 AM

Colleen did not like that he was bringing someone else into this. The more people who knew about her, the higher the risk was.

“I really don’t…”

“What you don’t is irrelevant, Colleen. You do as I say and you do not question it.”

This was getting out of hand, but she kept quiet. She gave a small jump when she heard the knock on the door.

01-16-18_1-26-23 AM01-16-18_1-26-48 AM01-16-18_1-27-19 AM

She tried to talk him out of making her do this. He knew the risks for her if anybody found out.

“Maybe I am hoping that someone does catch you. It would be exactly what you deserve.”

She stepped back in shock like he had physically smacked her. His words stung just as much.

“This man paid me a lot of money to fuck you. A lot more than I personally think you are worth, but that is his problem, not mine. Now, you are going to give this man what he paid for, or I will ensure that it is your own husband who throws away the key to your cell.”

Colleen refused to let him see her cry. She pulled her shoulders up straight and nodded. Just like her mama had taught her to do. Shut her mouth and do whatever the nice man is paying her to do.

“That’s a good girl. I have a meeting to get to, so you two have fun.”

Colleen was disgusted with herself and this entire situation. This man was so damn rough with her, and the shirt he insisted on wearing the entire time probably gave her material burns on her ass. It will be fun trying to come up an excuse for that if Izaiah asks. The main thing going through her mind the entire time was that she really needed to find a way out of this mess she was mixed up in.

1:2 Starry, Starry Night

01-15-18_11-49-15 PM

She knew that she shouldn’t be there. Going out in public to meet someone was risky. Anybody could see them. But she had no choice. Especially with this one.

01-16-18_12-01-16 AM

She found him in the room at the karaoke machine like he said he would be. She had never pictured him as a karaoke singer, and she could understand why after hearing how bad he sounded. She knew better than to show or say her disapproval though.

She sat down on the sofa in the room and couldn’t help remembering that morning when he was at her own house on the sofa.

01-16-18_10-27-07 AM

She had hoped that she had heard the last from him, but apparently not. She really hoped that he didn’t plan on a repeat performance here.

She was a bit surprised when a woman walked in and took over at the karaoke machine.

“She knows to ignore anything we say…or do.”

“I don’t think this is the place for that.” Colleen had been afraid of that. She know that either Izaiah would fine out, or “He” would and then “He” would make her pay for seeing someone without his permission.

“I don’t think you have any say in this matter. Not if you want your secret kept from your husband. You know, I could call him right now and tell him all about it. I do believe that prostitution is still illegal in Brindleton Bay.”

He had her, and they both knew it. She had no choice but to do what he wanted.

“What do you want?”

01-16-18_12-02-05 AM

“I want a piece of the pie. We both know it’s no longer cherry, but I can live with that.”

“I don’t think…”

“You have no room to think. You know that. This is not a request, Colleen. I know who you are working for. We both know that he can hurt you physically if you deny him. We both also know that I can hurt you in a much worse way if you deny me.”

She looked down at her hands in her lap. She could feel the tears in her eyes that she was trying to hold back. She didn’t want him to have the benefit of seeing her cry.

“What do you want me to do.”

“I will be at your place in the morning when Izaiah leaves for work. We will discuss it then.”

She nodded and stood up. She needed to get out of there and get home. She needed to process this downward spiral her life was on.

01-16-18_12-02-59 AM

01-16-18_12-12-16 AM

Izaiah was already home when she got back. She had to think fast of some excuse in case she was asked where she was.

“Hi, Love. Out with the girls again?”

She nodded and immediately felt guilty. “Mindy felt like some karaoke so we headed to the city for a few hours.” She knew that changing the subject would be best. “How was work?”

Izaiah sighed as he told her about his day. “This case is a tough one. This woman was a wife and a mother. Her daughter said that she had gone out jogging and never came home. Her husband says the same. From what the scene showed us, they are telling the truth. Her shoes were still on, but her clothes were nearby. We think she may have been raped. We are waiting for the lab results on that.”

Colleen listened to the details and felt her heart breaking for the woman’s family. “Is there anything that I can do for the family? Cook them something, send flowers?”

He shook his head and squeezed her hand. “It is very sweet that you want to do something, but no. They are staying with a family friend right now and are being taken care of.”


1:1 Once Upon a Time


NSFW WARNING: This chapter contains references to murder, violence, and sex. There is no cleaned up version, so if this kind of thing is not your cup of tea, now is your time to stop reading.


Ayaka Mori: Housewife by day. One of his girls by night.

It was too bad that she had decided to leave him. She said that her family needed her to be at home. She also said that her husband would be furious if he ever found out. What she did not know was that nobody left him. At least nobody left alive.

01-16-18_9-56-53 PM

He put the newspaper article in the album beside Ayaka’s picture. He remembered the day that picture had been taken. He had been visiting her home for a barbecue with her family. His own family was there with him. It had been a nice day. It was only a week before Ayaka tried to leave him. A week before he had to take care of Ayaka.

01-16-18_9-56-01 PM

He also remembered that beautiful daughter of hers. Myla…Myra…something like that. He knew that it was just a matter of time before she took her mother’s place. He knew that with the financial troubles the family was having thanks to that useless idiot Ayaka had been foolish enough to marry, the daughter would come to him for help…just like her mother had. In the end, they all come to him.

01-16-18_12-15-15 AM

Izaiah had been enjoying his first night home after his honeymoon when the call came in about the body found in Newcrest. He looked at his wife sleeping peacefully as he slipped out of bed. He quietly got dressed and headed out.

01-16-18_12-16-50 AM

Colleen had heard her husband leave. She new that “He” was listening to the scanner and would know that she was alone. She also knew that meant it was time for her to get ready for work also.

01-16-18_10-20-33 AM

It was shortly after she finished eating breakfast when the knock on the door came. She had been expecting it. What she had not been expecting was who it was at the door.


“Yes, Colleen, it’s me. And now that I know your dirty little secret, you can bet that you better do as I say or Izaiah will find out.”

She knew that she had no choice. This was the one man that would love to see her destroyed, even at the cost of Izaiah’s own happiness. She led him into the house even though she really wanted to tell him to go back to his own wife and family in his fancy city apartment and leave her and Izaiah alone.

“Would you like to some coffee? It is still hot.”

“You know I am not here for the coffee. I am here for exactly what all the other men that you traipse through here are for.”

She nodded and looked down at the floor. She was used to this kind of treatment. She had grown up in this life. This has been her life since she turned 16 years old and “He” first found her.

She led him to the living room. She never took any of the men to the bedroom. That her private place with Izaiah. If the men came to the house, they had to make due with any surface downstairs.

“Stop stalling. I am not paying good money just to watch you stand there.”

She looked at him and saw that he was already setting naked on her sofa. She undressed and walked over to him. She stopped in front of him and gave a startled yell when he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap.

“Show me that you are the slut that I always believed you to be.”

None of the men had ever embarrassed her as much as this one did. She knew that it wasn’t the things he said, but it was who he was. She also knew that she had no choice. If “He” found out that she refused, she would pay dearly for it. This man could also destroy her. If he told Izaiah, it would destroy everything she had ever dreamed of.